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I started at a dressmaker’s shop in 1989 when I finished University. My mother and I had been sewing, quilting, knitting, and crafting since I was young, so we decided to start our own business. Over the next few years I continued my studies and received a degree in Fashion Design and Marketing.

We grew our small business into a very successful shop in the Pacific Northwest, with the addition of children’s retail in 1999.
We established a great reputation for quality and reliability. After 30 years of working together, my mother decided to retire in 2019. 

I took that opportunity to move to Edmonton AB to be close to family. My goal has always been to own an online shop to showcase my custom handmade clothing, however I was always too busy to pursue it. And when I retired my brick and mortar, I decided it was finally time to follow my bigger dreams! 

I design, sew, and knit  all of the products on my site. I put a lot of love and work into each piece.

I keep my stock availability limited to keep my product unique.


Accepting special and custom orders, please contact if interested!

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